Welcome to the official website of Hermandad Mexicana Nacional. HMN is a non-profit organization that has spent the last 50 years helping the Latino community in the United States!


Hermandad Mexicana Nacional (HMN) is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to providing for and protecting the rights of Spanish-Speaking immigrants. Our headquarters are in North Hollywood California. 


Hermandad's mission is inspired by the history and mission of Bert Corona (1918-2001), a visionary leader within the Mexican-American community. He dedicated his life to improving the social and political conditions of Mexicans living in the united States and was a pioneer for social justice on a number of issues that affect minorities and disadvantaged populations in the United States. Bert Corona's biography "Memories of Chicano History - The life and Narrative of Bert Corona" illustrates Corona's role in the struggle to improve the conditions of Mexicans in the United States.


With 20 offices throughout the county of Los Angeles, Ventura, and San Bernardino, HMN has become a prominent leader in immigration and naturalization services. The organization provides immigration counseling to approximately 25,000 people a month.


In addition, Hermandad helps approximately 500 immigrants complete their citizenship application process each month.


Hermandad has grown into a powerful organization dedicated not only to providing social services to, but  organizing Spanish-speaking immigrants. 


HMN works in partnership with a diverse group of labor unions, churches, and other non-profit organizations. In conjunction with these other organizations, we have made significant contributions to the advancement of spanish - speaking people.


Bert Corona, 1918-2001

New Office

1905 City View, Los Angeles
California, 90033
Phone (323) 264 4100

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